Our School Support Team

We are fortunate enough to have a wealth of expertise and skill across the full spectrum of school information.  Our team of experienced professionals have the breadth and depth of knowledge to support our schools and partner schools in all aspects of school development.  If you are interested in bespoke packages of support and challenge, please contact us to arrange an initial discussion.  We’d be happy to help. 


Wendy Hemmingsley
The MILL Academy Trust - Chief Executive Officer
The Henry Box School - Headteacher

Wendy joined The Henry Box School, as Headteacher, in September 2013 and became CEO of The Trust in October 2015.  She is a qualified teacher with over 25 years' experience in schools.  Wendy has served on senior leadership teams in both Oxfordshire and Nottinghamshire and has worked in a wide range of school contexts, including those that were outstanding and those in challenging circumstances.  As CEO, she has overall responsibility for the standards across the Trust and leads on the promotion of the Trust’s core purpose, vision and values.  


Victoria Musson


The MILL Academy Trust - Director of Education

Vicky is primary trained and has worked for over 15 years in the secondary phase.  She has held a range of leadership positions, including Head of Performing Arts and senior leadership, often in schools with high deprivation and low social mobility.  Vicky brings a breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and experience to our team that includes: school improvement (primary and secondary), quality assurance, SEND reviews, transforming behaviour management, closing the gap, Ofsted preparation, Headteacher and SLT support, quality of education reviews, strategic approach to behaviour and attitudes, improving reading and writing.  Vicky is also one of our Pivotal Instructors.


Rebecca Goddard
Deputy Headteacher
Trust Lead: Secondary safeguarding, quality of education, school improvement strategy, leadership development.

Becky joined The Henry Box School in September 2009 from Fitzharrys School, Abingdon, where she had been Head of Geography, Business Studies and Economics for 6 years. Becky has responsibility for ensuring the quality of education is as good as it can be.  Her expertise spans the whole range of school improvement strategies and includes: safeguarding, quality assurance, leadership development, support and challenge, coaching, appraisal processes, improving the quality of education and evidence informed assessment.  Becky is also one of our OLEVI Facilitators.

NSTNichola Stretton


Trust Chief Finance Officer

Nichola joined The Henry Box School in October 2014, having previously been the Finance Business Partner for the Children & Young People’s Services at Buckinghamshire County Council. She became the Trust's CFO in October 2015.  Nichola has been a qualified public sector accountant since 2009 and has worked in local authority finance for over 25 years. Nichola's responsibilities include the Trust’s finances and business development, the school sites and facilities, human resources, information technology, health and safety, and the leadership and management of support staff.  Nichola brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to the Trust which includes: resource and budgetary management, the redesign of staffing models, benchmarking, achieving best value for money, adapting workflow, contract negotiation, leading complex teams, GDPR advice, change management, academy conversion advice and IT strategy.


Leanne Dixon
School Leader
Trust Lead: Primary SEND, Curriculum, Assessment, English, Learner Engagement – Primary

Leanne has worked in a wide range of primary school contexts, is a trained SENDCo and and leads on the development of English teaching in our primary schools.  Leanne is also one of our Pivotal Instructors and leads on behaviour management, curriculum design and development.


Simon Hemsworth
School Leader: Inclusion 
Trust Lead:  Inclusive Education 

Having studied at The University of Chester and The Open University, Simon worked as a Physical Education teacher before moving into more pastoral/SEN roles in schools. Simon was part of a team that set up the inaugural behaviour unit in a previous school before moving to work in Alternative Provision. As a Team Leader for KS3/4 in the Alternative Provision Unit, Simon has a wealth of experience in working in challenging settings, supporting some of Oxfordshire's most vulnerable students, through Restorative Practice and Trauma Informed intervention. He is now the School Leader: Inclusion at The Henry Box School.


Tom Manthorpe
School Leader: Teaching
Trust Lead: Professional Development

Tom is an experienced school leader who has a wealth of knowledge. This includes inclusive teaching, SEND systems, pastoral leadership, professional development and transition. Tom leads on professional development, coaching, SEND Reviews, OLEVI, NQT and RQT support, quality assurance, transforming behaviour, developing learning communities and leadership development programmes. Tom is one of our OLEVI facilitators and a Pivotal instructor.


Carl Tysom
School Leader: Post 16
Trust Lead: Post 16

Carl joined The Henry Box School in 2014 having worked in 2 other secondary schools teaching geography and history. Carl is a former Head of Faculty for Humanities who has also been Head of Sixth Form at his previous school.  Carl leads on all matters Post 16, EPQ and careers. 


Natasha Oliver and
(Annie Cook)
School Leader: Learner Engagement
Trust Lead: Learner Engagement - Secondary

Natasha has worked at The Henry Box School since 2015 teaching Business and Economics and has moved from being a House Leader for Redgrave to her current role as School Leader: Learner Engagement. She leads on matters relating to behaviour, attendance and safeguarding


Meghann Hewett
School Leader: Teaching
Trust Lead: Professional Development

Meghann has vast experience in coaching and mentoring.  She brings a range of knowledge and skills to our Trust in the areas of NQT and RQT support, quality assurance, developing learning communities, leadership development programmes, lesson design, increasing challenge in the classroom, support and challenge for school leaders.  Meghann is also one of our OLEVI Facilitators and an advanced OLEVI Coach.

Tim Chilvers
School Leader: Personal Development and Business Links

Tim is an experienced teacher with an interest in both primary and secondary education.  He leads on personal development, including anti-bullying, citizenship, promotion of British Values and community links.



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We are a Designated OLEVI Centre. Designated OLEVI Centres (DOCs) are a group Olevi logoof schools that have worked and grown with OLEVI over the years and share their aims and ethos. These centres are licensed to facilitate the full range of OLEVI programmes and we can provide accreditation and quality assurance within our region.  

Our OLEVI Programmes:

CTP      Creative Teacher Programme – suitable for early career teachers (years 2 and 3)

OTP    Outstanding Teacher Programme – suitable for teachers in their fourth year and  beyond

OTAP  Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme

OLE     Outstanding Leadership of Education – suitable for all leaders

PoC     Power of Coaching

OLE     Outstanding Leadership of Education

SOLE   Senior Outstanding Leadership in Education programme

Visit the OLEVI website here.


Our OLEVI Team:


Meghann Hewett


Tom Manthorpe


Louisa MacKenzie


Rebecca Goddard