Vision and Values

Our Vision

We believe that every child has the right to go to a good school and that every child should have the opportunity to transform their life, whatever their starting point.  Our vision is to transform lives and to enable individual schools to grow, develop and serve their communities, whilst also ensuring a strong ethos of support, challenge and collaboration across our Trust.  We believe that everyone involved with the Trust should have the opportunity to shine.

Schools, staff and children within the Trust benefit from a strong ethos of support and collaboration. We also challenge ourselves to be even better, every day.  We are not content with always doing what we’ve always done.  The new educational landscape requires new ways of thinking, leading and operating:

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds
cannot change anything.
                                                                                                           George Bernard Shaw


This is a hugely exciting time for our family of schools. We are presented with a rare opportunity to make a real difference to the lives and life chances of so many children – many of whom haven’t previously received the educational opportunities they deserve.

The Trust currently has schools based in Witney and all have been judged as 'Good' in their latest Ofsted Inspection.  As a Trust, we are clear about the importance of achieving long-term sustainability for our schools. 


Our Values

The MILL Academy Trust logo communicates the values of:



The graphic, in the shape of a mill, represents the starting point of this home grown trust, the town of Witney, Oxfordshire, famous for its mills.


We have five ‘big’ questions that underpin 'the way we do things around here': 

  1. Are we securing equity?
  2. Is our leadership driving improvement?
  3. Is our curriculum irresistible?
  4. Are we research informed?
  5. Are we managing resources effectively?

Since October 2015, our approach has been to ensure sustainable school improvement.  We have worked hard to achieve our successes so far and our journey continues.


Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’
                      Martin Luther King