Vision, Values, Aims and Ethos


Transforming lives through inspirational education.




  • To have a relentless focus on excellence in learning and teaching
  • To ensure effective transition
  • To drive a real commitment to the development of support based on our core values



  • To provide excellent 0-19 education
  • To ensure that our academies are centres of excellence with a focus on the development of all their members
  • To foster, maintain and celebrate Christian distinctiveness in our Church schools



  • To embed SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural) – utilising the positive influence of community and an outstanding curriculum based on local experience with common assessment models
  • To co-ordinate resources to raise attainment of disadvantaged students and to raise aspiration
  • To promote high quality professional development in the pursuit of effective learning and teaching and excellent student progress
  • To develop excellent practice grounded in the latest educational research
  • To ensure that all children can read and write and that no child is left behind



  • To share outstanding leadership at all levels
  • To ensure consistency of practice and expectations and to develop best practice leads across The Academy
  • To recognize and enable those who often remain invisible, through ethnic or cultural disadvantage, or through disability or poverty
  • To ensure our academies have a particular vocation to the least advantaged to enable them, through education, to change their lives



The Trust aims to enable all schools to keep their individuality. Greater autonomy for schools should not, in our view, mean greater isolation. As the educational landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace, leading in particular to a marked reduction in the role and capacity of local authorities, the Trust aims to provide a supportive and collaborative context in which our schools can continue to flourish.


That support takes many forms. Schools are first and foremost for education, so it is right that at the heart of what we do is a focus on school improvement, staff development, and enabling our young people to excel. We support schools in meeting the challenges of rising expectations through mutually supportive provision and professional development.


The Trust takes responsibility for financial and resource management, so that schools can concentrate on what matters: the education of young people. Our schools have an inclusive approach to education; we truly believe that every child matters and that every child should be treated as an individual.



The ethos of the Trust is collaborative and participative. Every individual school has a voice, though the Trust’s open and transparent governance, in the key decisions which affect each school. Moreover, the Trust aims to value the healthy diversity which exists in our school family, and we actively encourage each school that decides to join the Trust to maintain and further develop its own distinctive culture and identity.